Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's go Racin!!!

Let's Go Racing!!!!

Here in Great Falls, MT, we have a pretty nice little dirt track.
This year they got to run the races on the planned date.
"Usually it is raining"
We heard that alot 

I think I got some pretty good pictures, even through the fence. 

 They couldn't keep enough water down.

Bryan won't admit it but, he loves it!!!! 

Guys keeping an eye on the track. 


Friday, May 11, 2012

This year, Tim and I went to our first MMA fights.

A friend of ours had a table on the floor.

Even with the distance and the cage, I got some great shots!!!

Killer mohawk!

This is one of my favorite shots.

not the best picture but, he came up off the floor!!

Every St Patrick's Day, Great Falls has a parade....
They love to have a reason to shut down
Central Ave......

This year we sat right across from the old Park Hotel.
It is no longer a hotel.
There was a show called "The Dead Files" 
that came to Great Falls to shoot a show.
This show investigates haunted places.
On the Great Falls episode, they investigated the
home of the founder of the City, Paris Gibson.
Supposedly, his wife was murdered in the house
and taken to the Park Hotel through an underground tunnel.
It is said that she fell from the roof of the Park Hotel.

Just a little history for ya.....

A Mermaid!!!!

Get the BUG SPRAY!!!!

ORBIT!! The Voyager's mascot.

Roller Derby

WooHoo!!!  Look at those prices!!!

Corvair wagon

I took a lot more pictures than this but, I had the wrong memory card in the camera....

I had to make room for the pictures from the fights....

On the trip for a wrestling tournament in Anaconda,
we decided to stay at Fairmont Hot Springs.

They have a "petting zoo"
I put it in parentheses because, you
couldn't really pet all of them.

The kids had fun feeding and petting the ones they could reach.

Feed me!!!

This year, Korbyn's Girl Scout leader has been GREAT!!!
They have done so much and gotten so many patches!

This year, their troop along with a junior troop
did the flag ceremony at the Shiner's Circus.

Now to enjoy the Circus!!!!

Big Kitties!!!

These guys kinda freaked B out.

Jumping Dogs!!!

The girls got to ride the elephant for free!!
The one in the front is Hailey.

How many Girl Scouts can you fit on an elephant?

He can FLY!!!